We Short (Italian)Ones need to Stick Together…

I work out with a trainer three days a week and on my own three days. For the most part I watch what I eat and as most people these days have cut back on red meat. So you would think that I would be really thin or at least at my ideal weight. But NO ! I am Italian & apparently the scales do not like us. As a matter of fact, neither do the clothing designers. Did I mention I’m Short ! I can clearly remember trying on a dress for my wedding and the sales person saying ” you will just have to deal with your Mediterranean  hips”. Also,  to add injury to insult, because I’m short, I have to shop in the petite department. Can somebody tell me when the definition for petite became “ugly” ? Most shops have very few petites and what they do have are all elastic waist bands and just plain & homely. So going shopping for me is like having teeth pulled, so I don’t go often. Anyone out there know of a good store for us shorties ???


  1. As your trainer, I’ve gotten to know your too hard on yourself. You look amazing and are beautiful inside AND out! You are thin, but yes short! Consider all the things you wouldn’t have if you were tall….like your great calves from tippy toeing lol

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