Who Knew ?????

Most of my friends think that I am strictly a city girl, but that’s not true. I love being in nature and I love seeing animals out in their own habitat. We have been on several trips of that type and plan to do more.

One of the reasons I love the ocean is because I get to see the whales. They are magnificent creatures. Sometimes I think I might have been one in another life. Watching them play is so exciting and it just fascinates me. I just feel connected to them. One thing still on my bucket list is to get close enough to touch one. I almost got to  do that on a zodiac trip in Kauai a few years back. It went right under the boat. I will try again.

The best viewing I’ve had  was on a photo excursion in Juneau. We had at least  30 minutes of viewing time of them display their might and power. On that same trip, we also saw a grizzly wandering down the bank of a stream looking for fish. It was amazing. I was so excited I was in tears.

I spent one vacation in Arizona trying to track down some bugling elk but that ended with zero to see. But a couple of years later, while hiking, my husband and I saw a huge bull elk in Rocky Mountain National Park followed by a very large herd of them later in the day.

Also, I have been fortunate enough to see a female moose with her baby in Park City, Utah while on a hiking trip. Still want to see a bull moose with his rack of antlers.

Like I said in the beginning, most don’t know what a close connection I have to nature. It is like a spiritual experience to me. It makes me feel closer to God. I love exploring His creations. I find real peace at the ocean and in the mountains.

Sedona, Arizona is another place that I like to hike, with all of the vortexes ,there is a special energy that you feel.

Hopefully, my next adventure will be to see the Northern Lights in all its glory. Maybe I will catch a glimpse my bull moose there too. I will be sure to let you know.


  1. I can relate to you loving to be in nature. My soul is happy when swimming with the dolphins. Being in their energy is such a privilege. I would love to go to Tonga to swim with the whales. My soul is also fed being in the trees–California redwoods are so grounding. Thanks for sharing your thoughts! Janet

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  2. I also love the mountains! As a child, my family would drive up every summer to Randolph, NH. I loved the air…so crisp and clean. And how you can drink from the streams (or at least you used to be able to), or wait to watch the moose cross the road. Thanks for helping me relive some memories in your great descriptions Debbie. -Colleen


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