Just Breathe—-

On my bucket list for the last several years was to learn how to meditate. I dabbled in some books and CD’s but never quiet got the hang of it. After all, for it to work, you must sit cross legged and completely empty your mind. At least that’s what I thought. Thank God  I was wrong.

I could never seem to find the right class at the right time. And besides  I was working and just too busy to sit down and quiet my mind ?? Finally, about two years ago, I saw this group on one of the local morning shows talking about “mindfulness meditation “. It really caught my attention.I checked them out and they offered a 10 week class for beginners. I immediately thought, “wow that’s a real commitment”. I’m just too busy !

But last year due to some stressful family issues (still going on by the way) , I knew it was time. I signed up. We started with just 10 minute meditations at the end of each class. I have completed that session and have just started a second set of classes. My routine is to meditate right after my morning coffee for at least 20 minutes. It is truly one of the best things I have ever done. It teaches you peace in a world of chaos. I should have done it years ago. It would have made a difference in the stressful job that I had and during the care of an aging parent. It does not change the problems, but teaches you how to deal with them, or at the very least, cope with them

I have always believed that you must keep growing and learning to really be alive. I would hope anyone reading this will start the journey, sooner rather than later. Do it for yourself and do it today !





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