Married to My Best Friend….

In 1987 my 18-year marriage came to a devastating end. I thought my whole world was finished. Looking back, I can see that we were childhood sweethearts in love who helped each other grow up, had a beautiful son, and then unfortunately grew apart. We just wanted different things in life.

As God assures you, when He shuts one door, He opens another. During this time, I grew as a person, in my career and spiritually. Looking back, I would not have been pushed to do this if my marriage had lasted.

During the divorce proceedings my friends rallied around me with love and support. As time went by I lost a few friends in the divorce but I also met new ones. One of my new friends was Mike (my current husband). When I was at my worse during some dark days, he was always there with a kind word of encouragement and his contagious smile. One thing led to another and several months later we started dating. Because of our friendship, I already knew what kind of man he was. Eventually that friendship turned to love and marriage.

Twenty-six years later we are still best friends and more in love than ever.

What’s it like being married to your best friend? I still get excited when he walks into the room. We are silly and laugh together every day. We truly enjoy being together. We can be on a wonderful vacation, cleaning the house or just going to the grocery. I wake up each morning anxious to see what the day brings. We have trust and respect for each other. I can be myself and I have never worried about this relationship.

So my advice is: make sure if you are going to marry someone, that not only do you love them, but you  also have to like them. Make sure you can trust them with all your secrets and most importantly, that they make you laugh.


  1. Sounds a lot like my life! Someday I will write my first husband a grateful you note thanking him for freeing me to meet my present husband and best friend. I can’t even imagine my world without him.


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