Love is a Many Complicated Thing:

The song goes Love is a Many Splendored Thing. This can be highly debated. If it is mutual on both sides, then it’s the most wonderful thing you can experience. However, if not, it can bring much misery.

Love is not just a feeling, it is an action.

There are so many kinds of love and heartbreak.

How about the parents that are not loving and you have a miserable childhood? You cannot just tell your child you love them and then stick your head in the sand. You have to show them with actions. Hug & kiss them, tuck them in bed at night, praise them and so on.

Then you have the opposite. The kids that had a loving relationship with parents that adore them and once grown, they decide they don’t need you anymore. You can see the pain in the parent’s eyes.

The marriage that starts out so loving and then one partner has a change of heart. The heartbreak in this case can be physical, thus the term “broken heart”.

Why is love so complicated? Part of it is because we have become a greedy society. It’s all about “what about me thinking “. True love is give and take. Wanting what is best for the other person. Unconditional by nature, but human beings struggle with this.

You also have the death of a loved one. That brings with it grief and sadness. Also usually regrets.

So why do we love?

Jesus only had two commandments, love God and love each other. You know, “do unto others” but in order to do this you have to keep the other ten in the old testament. If we would just do random acts of kindness, have empathy, stop gossiping, and just look at the world with less judgement, it would help us move in the right direction.

I have had heartbreak on at least three occasions and I could have gone into depression, but I’m lucky to have a strong faith in God and I knew this was part of God’s journey.  He has also given me strong loving relationships with my spouse, family, and friends. God is a giving God, but sometimes we just must face the challenges in life to appreciate the gifts.

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