My Ocean, My Friend

All my adult life I have dreamed of living on the ocean. I STILL do! But reality has set in and financially that is not possible. I am learning to accept it in my head but not my heart.

Why the dream? I have vacationed on many of our oceans since I was about 20 years old. When I’m at the ocean I feel a power unlike no other that usually is not with me. I can sit & watch its magnificence for hours at a time. It speaks to me and gives me joy and peace. It is God speaking to me. He is telling me He is here and He loves me.

Now I can move close to this ocean I call friend. Would it be the same? I don’t know. Now the decision of leaving friends and family looms over me. They all say they will come and visit, but will they?

So, for this morning, I will sit with my coffee and watch my friend roar and wave. Tonight, I will do the same with a nice glass of wine. And hopefully the answer will come.

Stay tuned

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