A dream without a positive attitude produces a day dreamer. 

A positive attitude without a dream produces a pleasant person who never accomplishes anything

A dream with a positive attitude produces a person with unlimited potential

By John Maxwell

I have learned over the years how powerful words can be. With just one sentence you can build someone up or tear them down. You can make someone feel love or hatred.

The words above touched me when I read them. I have always had dreams. Some were realized, some fell by the wayside, and some have just changed. I wish I had seen this when I was younger, it might have made a difference.

Now that I have seen it, I have no excuse but to use it. All of us have dreams. A great deal of the time we convince ourselves that they can never happen and therefore they don’t. They seem too big. That’s why it’s called a dream. With the right attitude we can make it happen.

Trust in yourself and trust in God. These are little words with a huge impact.

What is your Dream ? Just go for it. What do you have to lose?


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