Experience Life Through Travel….

As most know, my husband and I love to travel. We are gone an average of 6-12 weeks a year. We spend most of our time at a beach but not all. A few years ago we decided to forego the large gift giving in lieu of traveling more. What we have found is nothing  you give as a gift, will give you the joy and memories that an experience can provide. We have seen killer whales, grizzly bears, elk, moose and so on. We have experienced wine country in California and in Tuscany. We have seen the canyons in Arizona, Utah, and Hawaii. We have climbed the Red Rocks of Sedona, been in the crater of some volcanos.  We have also sailed in Alaska, Carribean, and on our rivers here in the South and Northwest. Our pictures and memories always bring us joy.

Life is short so make the most of it. Even in your own state there are plenty of things to see and do. We wanted to share our experiences with our friends and family. That is why we have opened our home based travel agency. It is called Let’s Go Traveling. Take a visit on our website letsgotravelingpaycation online.com.  We are certified travel agents and also have our Disney certification. Send an Email to me at letsgotraveling68@gmail.com and let us help you plan that next experience. You’ll never be sorry.

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