Aruba—A Winter Getaway

Life is short and life is hard. We should all take time to enjoy ourselves, try new experiences, and see as much of the country as we can.

We always like to getaway from the cold part of the winter. Usually to Gulf Shores or Florida. This year we decided to do something different and traveled to Aruba.  We were looking for a place that would feel safe and have beautiful beaches. Our neighbors, Rosemary & Karen, had urged us to give it a try. We were both so pleased.

It is a tropical paradise. The beaches have the white sand and the water is turquoise blue. There are not a lot of things  to do there but beach, shop, eat, and casinos. We had grass huts that covered you from the sun, so we spent most of the day beaching, walking, reading, and of course eating and drinking.  We also indulged in a couples massage on the beach. It was heavenly. Many people go every year and we met several of them and made some new friends. We will definitely go back.

It is cheaper to fly there and takes less time than Hawaii. The cost once there is about the same as Hawaii. I think the Carribean beaches are prettier, but the Hawaiian Islands as a whole are prettier and there’s more to do in Hawaii. Everyone should go to Hawaii at least once , but if you have already been, then try Aruba. February is a great month to go.

Many of you know we have a home based travel agency. We would love to help you plan your trip. Contact us at and we can book your dream trip.

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