Good Health, A Matter of Choice or Is It ??

Two years ago I went for my annual exam and my cholesterol had jumped 18 points from  the previous two years ago. I thought I had been eating right and I exercise 5 days a week. It was quite depressing. So I really cut back on fried foods (my weakness) and went about my business. The first of this year, it had jumped another 18 points as well as my husband’s had gone up. So what was up. Luckily, we have a doctor that believes in prevention rather than prescriptions. He talked to us about what we were eating and explained plant based meals instead of meat based. We had played around with it before but only one or two meals a week and not consistently.

Then just a few weeks ago my blood pressure went sky high and I ended up in the emergency room. Another scare that has brought me to my senses. You have to do something now !!

I knew we weren’t ready to become vegetarian but we had to make big changes in our diets or go on medication. My husband has started exercising 5-6 days a week and I have upped my intensity and added a day. Now we only have meat twice a week, pasta once, and vegetarian the rest. That’s our goal to begin with. We have done much better. Not quite there yet but every week gets better. I have been looking up recipes and reading articles to help me plan meals. We do great at home but hard to do if we go somewhere else for dinner. We have also started taking two tablespoons of raw oat bran a day which is suppose to help.

We are lucky that we still have a choice but if we don’t take control now, we may not. The meals have been tasty and filling. We really haven’t missed the meat as much as I thought we would.

So I want to encourage people to take control and be pro active in your health. Hopefully (unless it genetic) you can make a difference and live a healthy long life. In 3 months I will report back on how we are doing. I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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